I like pie, PUNCHY!
damn i am awesome.
i am the object of poor quality.
oh man, that's $250.
OMG, Push Duck!
despite a lack of "Your Mother", people seem to really like my chocolate chip cookies.
brain tumor?
awesome pencil!
picking out yellow pieces of brain.
you and these four motley young boys.
bread bread, better than dead, rhymes with red and lead.
ooh, in da face!
well i thought it was funny...
El Kabong!
i don't know what you're talking about.
then let's get movie tickets.
peanuts cause me great pain.
i am now going to eat the lamps.
the joke is that i believe my whole life is ahead of me when i'm really living it now.
time for EVIL!
alien fools!
how would you know i wasn't mooning you?
some kind of pun.
breaking away the day.
i am subliminally fucking your ear.
that's what i think twice.
i rock out in mint.
and that's how it happened.
grab your bucket!
so you still fall into my trap. FOOL! the car will be your undoing!
monster face your face!
i uh...
damn children and their self-respecting rainbows.
i KNOW what i'm talking about.
blame it on the boogie.
the crash of prime numbers.
in need of medical cream.
due to my lateness in updating, two comics were put up. go check the archives.
a parade rains down for me.
zombie BASTARD!
it's really hard to understand the bee-ninja.
dial down the center or we'll kill your mom.
relevance is for fuckers.
royalty is well typed.
(Quit: smoking)
leaving aftertaste.
abstract minds make abstract crimes & % -
rise for our nation's anthem.
prank update!
sodium content.
AUGH! Potato Chip?!
regigigate your gate face.
candy comes out here.
pleasant pirates aren't appealing.
interactive sandwich.
bulbous bubbly.
i might like bush.
jeff is scared.
merry bifday balonga.
vroom vroom car.
tales of the running man.
slightly to the left.
i'm squinting my eyes.
i tell god what he says to me.
this pickle tastes funny.
i will not take that kind of abuse.
do not insult the moses!
corporate plants confuse me.
i knew it! stained glass hates me.
action fire, with action!.
crying is for drowning.
a winning combination!
space fish!&?
if target creature goes to the graveyard, remove it from the game.
stupid digtal face, i wear you on my wrist.
yellow fiend, monster of indifferance. i smell minty.
Guest Comic: "the cat's got crutches... enough said."
nothing can survive... WATER! swish.
the epigram of modern life.
Guest Comic: "MAYDAY! WE'RE GOING DOWN!11"
i want you to feel OCTOPUS!
prepair yourself for LOVING!
set sail on a friendship!
every time i touch my face, there's cake.
tea time for your facebone!
my palms itch, from all the bleeding.
it's not as unimportant as this.
a piece of nunchuck ffffff.
outline theory.
when i learn to hate my art, i'll be too amused.
lemon dimes in your stupid, face-man!
all the birds won't save you now!
in less than two hours.
shut my face when i shake hands with a cone!
still staying screaming this -ing.
the gooey red center of a tumor pop.
the mister gets all the luck when his left foot is bigger than his right.
and all that jazz is that jazz?
i love happy endings. consistancy is for fuckers.
FACE WOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am a smokestack.
this is funny? ffffffffff... i dunno. & %
may i be so bold as to add a "diggity" suffix?
my arm kinda hurts and i really need to cut my nails.
aside from that, these lacerations on my face are killing you.
did she just call me a dentist?
kawaii lollipop dooms your furniture.
the ghost bike RETURNS!!!
sometimes sunning but then gets the FUX0RZ!
conclude my responce, look at my best pics!!
it's best described as something never.
watch out for your face.
bad news, yo mamma.
street light priorities.
it's the best one.
oh man, look at his face, it's beautfil.
Guest Comic: "oncoming troubadour."
energize your face, grass stupid.
chubby cheeks gets a lesson in fishing!
i'm going to get this, i just know it.
guys are stupid in order to get girls.
my eyes hurt but it's my mouth that's bleeding.
a little thinking of you.
tumors by default are athiest.
and you know he knows what's up.
mathmatics of tellin' you the time.
quoted for emphasis is for assholes.
it's probably, like, a nervous tooter.
it's not a metaphore, it's a similie.
Hitler ruins mustaches.
um...pfft, i got nothing.
my third toe on my left foot kinda burns.
for blowing, you know.
it's all about a desk.
that's what i get for being original.
i don't believe in it.
someone will think it's funny, you.
it's hard for me to read analog.
it's STUPID FUCKING poetic.
roar, i'm a green mouth guy.
art is hard.
my portfolio got a F.
i eat, YOU DIE!
superheros have a thing for hedgehogs.
walking shoes, on.
with arms akimbo, no less.
must present coupon at time of service.
hole in hand.
vomiting then i passed out.
i am waving from DEATH!
observe the contents of a small hand.
i am the ghost of christmas BOOGA!
and it's based in Atlanda>
p um clown ~
oh my god, dadtlebees!
sometimes i sleep with my knife on.
French Vanilla makes me choke sometimes.
my blood tastes like vapor rub... and vampires HATE IT!
women rise from the east.
comrad robot smashes alphabets into soup!.?,
marketable demographics are refrigerator doors.
friendship for the greater good!
St. Tree-Muggings the Third!
Senator Burns burns me.
when you get hurt, you get rainbow hair.
life through the woods.
Businessmen On Fire.
The Amazing Store Adventure.
Businessmen and the Electrocution.
the wrath of your sandwich.
Guest Comic: "lookit me. being artsy."
Commander Brushup brushes up on his economics.
Four Plugs Every Seven Travels.
Guest Comic: "supply a title."
i've always hated it.
The Self-Portrait of Centuries.
burning orphens.
give me a dollar!
Hello, my name is Angst.
play for the scratch off.
for fools who don't know what time it is.
for the blind visionaries of the future.
i'm more abrasive than your horse.
it was my father's idea.
No Means No.
Again and Again.
Repetitive Purchase Conundrum.
The Smiling Shoes Forecast.
outdated modes of transportation.
death lives in my basement.
thursdays are for blue frames.
Businessmen and the Grave.
the e troubles me.
jazzaholic conundrum.
Hot .22
Slumps are for Camels.
Oh my God that's some funky shit.
A fat man throws his briefcase.
I let the cat out of the bag, then I drowned the bag.
I pound around town, then feel fat.
Fuck your science.
Take a rest.
Fucking Space Helmet 'N Retarded Stars.
And your arms are too short!
SARS get-up breakfast!
Revenge for the sake of profits.
Eat that if you believe that.
I gyp you on updates.
I don't even know what a phone is.
I wear my umbrella in thunderstorms.
The eager minds of America want to know.
My future is up there somewhere.
Boy is my face red.
Bring it back from fuck only to forget it again.

Copywrite 3002